Hospitals have a more demanding power supply. The power for the hospital allows for completely uninterrupted and must be provided in a super silent way. To meet the stringent requirements, the generators must have excellent performance, also requires AMF and ATS.


Requirements and challenges

1. Working conditions

  • Stable power 24 hours continuously at rated power (10% overload in 1 hour allowed every 12 hours), under the following conditions.
  • Altitude 1,000m or less.
  • Temperature limit below -15 ° C, the upper limit of 40 ° C

2. Low noise

The power source should be extremely low so that the doctors can work in quiet, patients can also have an undisturbed resting environment.

3. The necessary protective equipment

The machine will automatically stop and give signals in the following cases: low oil pressure, high temperature, over-speed, failure start. For automatic start generator with AMF function, ATS helps to realize automatic start and stop automatically. When the main error, the generator can start within 5 seconds (adjustable). The generator can start automatically up to three times. The conversion from the main load to the transmitter load is completed in 10 seconds and reaches the rated power in less than 12 seconds. When the power returns, the generators will automatically stop within 300 seconds (adjustable) after the machine cools down.

4. Stable performance and high reliability

  • Average failure interval: not less than 2,000 hours
  • Voltage adjustment range: at 0% load within 95% -105% of rated voltage.


Power solution

The excellent generator, with PLC-5220 and ATS control module, ensures instant power supply at the same time as the main power. The generators adopt low noise design, and help provide power in a quiet environment. The engines comply with European and American emission standards. The machine can be connected to a computer with an RS232 OR RS485 / 422 connector for remote control.



– All products and turnkey solutions help customers easily use the machine without much technical knowledge. The machine is easy to use and maintain.

– Control system with AMF function, can automatically start or stop the machine. In an emergency, the device will alert and stop.

– ATS for option. For small KVA, ATS is indispensable. l Low noise.

– Noise level of small KVA (30kva below) is less than 60dB (A) @ 7m.

– Stable performance. The average failure period is not less than 2000 hours.

– Compact size. Optional equipment is provided for special requirements in order to operate stably in some freezing areas and to heat hot areas.

– For bulk orders, custom designs and developments are provided.