With any electric generator line, the quality and durability of spare parts is always a top concern. Reliable, quality parts must always have a clear origin, have a genuine product warranty stamp and be supplied by a reputable supplier.

With many years of experience in the generator market, Minh Thanh Power Generator offers a wide range of genuine generator spare parts and is committed to ensuring the quality of spare parts.

Types of spare parts which are provided by Minh Thanh Power Generator as following:


  1. Types of filters used for generators

The filters help to filter out impurities and dirt mixed in the fuel before the fuel is put into the combustion chamber, which prevents congestion, deposits, ensures the generator operates stably, contribute to improving efficiency and prolonging the life of generators.


1.1 Fuel filter of the generator: Help remove impurities, dirt, waste of fuel before being pumped into the cylinder. For diesel engines, clean fuels are important because they affect the closing tolerances of high-pressure pumps.


1.2 Oil filter of the generator: Help to remove waste, impurities, rust deposits to provide the engine with a cleaner engine oil that helps reduce engine heat when operating, reduces friction, increases the service life of the generator engine.


1.3 Air filter of the Generator: Help to remove dirt and water vapor in the air before being put into the engine. Help the engine operate more stably and, as well as help the engine operate to its maximum capacity and minimize fuel consumption.


1.4. Water filter : Help remove impurities in the cooling water of the generator.


  1. Engine oil

Engine oil ensures generator engines maintain smooth operation with full maintenance service; maintain wear resistance and minimize oil consumption; reduce operating costs in order to gain maximum operation duration; improve the performance and longevity of the generator.


  1. Anti-scale solution – Cooling water : The cooling system by water protects the engine from corrosion, prevents pit forming inside the engine, cooling the engine, prolonging engine life.


  1. Controller : Genuine controller ensures accuracy when operating generator.


  1. Electronic speed control for a generator (AVR) : By reputable brands from: Stamford, Leroy Somer, Mecc Alte.


  1. Water separator:Separating the water from the oil, making sure the used oil is pure oil without mixed water.


  1. Batteries and battery chargers : Genuine alternative batteries and chargers suitable for power generation ranges from 16 KVA – 2500 KVA.