1. Requirements on the location for electric generator installation
  • The generator must be placed in a dry, well-ventilated place, and must have air outlet pipes.
  • The place where the generator is located must be equipped with an appropriate CO2 extinguisher, the generator must be located in a most convenient position for management, as well as troubleshooting management and solving. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the area where the engine is located and operated. In particular, do not use foam type fire extinguishers A and B to be fitted to the generator instalment location.
  • The generator housing must be grounded with a multi-stranded soft cable with a grounded copper board. Depending on the type of machine to buy and use, should select the appropriate grounded cable cross-section area, but need to select the cable with the smallest cross-section ≥ 16mm2 and have the ground resistance of the machine must reach the value <5Ω


  1. Checking the generator before delivery, operate and put in to use.
  • External damage to the generator should be considered for timely remediation.
  • Check the fuel and cooling water of the generator, the fuel of the generator needs to be filtered and discharged at the fuel tank side.
  • Need to check the lubricant level of oil crankcase (cacte)
  • Check for leaks of fuel, lubrication, cooling system.
  • The generator adjustment knob should be brought to the lowest position.
  • Need to fully check the machine, after fully check the generator. Recognizing that the device is in perfect condition and ready to work, they can allow starting the machine.
  • Note: When using air-compress “starter” machines, the set forth “Occupational Safety Regulations when operating air compressors” must be complied with.


  1. When stimulating the generator to work, must pay attention to
  • Do it slowly by gradually turning the voltage regulator knob until the voltage reaches the rated value
  • The increase in machine load must also be done slowly to avoid sudden increase in machine temperature.


  1. Regulating long-term working voltage of generator
  • The long-term working voltage of the machine does not exceed 110% of the machine’s rated voltage.
  • The phase current of the machine must not differ by more than 15%.
  • The allowable overload time of the machine must be within the limits specified by the manufacturer.


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