Economic Type Silent Generator

  • Brand: AOSIF
  • Prime Power: 5KW-200KW
  • Engine: Cummins/Perkins/Doosan/SDEC/Mitsubishi/Deutz
  • Alternator: Leroy somer /Stamford/Marathon/ AOSIF
  • Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
  • controller: Deepsea/ComAp/Woodward
  • Type: Economic Type silent canopy


AOSIF Economic Type Silent Diesel Generator Set

The canopy of ASPM series of Economic sound-proof generator sets are designed modularly after optimization, and combined of the bolts and bolts butt joint, which greatly improves the reassembly efficiency. Considering the cost performance and transportation cost of the product, this design makes the whole set smaller in size, light in weight and easy in operation.

  • Composite design, more conducive to installation
  • Shell powder coating for excellent corrosion protection
  • Exquisite appearance and more economical
  • Smaller size and good mobility for transportation


Economic Type Soundproof Canopy AOSIF Standard Soundproof Canopy
1.8mm  thickness of the steel sheet 2.0mm thickness of the steel sheet
Service door hinges and lock are carbon steel with black sprayed plastics Hinges and locks are stainless steel
exposed bolts are M8 stainless steel flange bolts Zinc-Coated bolts but hidden
vertical angle arc angle
Top cover integrated with the door lintel Top cover separated with the door lintel
Ventilation side canopy designed with bevel angle, shorter the base frame Length of base frame same as the canopy
Service door with 40mm thickness, one layer of soundproof cotton Service door with 80mm thickness, two layers of soundproof cotton
Neither soundproof cotton nor edging design on the backside of air
inlet, control panel and breaker panel
Soundproof cotton with edging design on the backside of air inlet,
control panel and breaker panel
No lighting inside With lighting inside

silent canopy colors