Oil supply system


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With small generating sets, diesel fuel tanks are usually designed in the iron frame of the machine and ensure the machine runs at 100% load from 5-12 hours. But for large-sized industrial generating sets, there is usually no diesel tank attached because the size of these units is large, the design of diesel tank under the iron frame will increase the size and weight. of the unit, it is difficult to move them.

Depending on the capacity and oil consumption of the machine we calculate the oil tank capacity for the machine. Normally there will be 2 oil supply systems as follows.

  • The oil supply system has only one oil tank: For this system, we only need to connect the oil pipelines, the valve collapses and oil gauge. The engine automatically feeds oil to the machine without using the pump system.
  • Oil supply system with 2 or more oil tanks: At this time we need an automatic pumping system to supply oil from the reserve oil tank to the daily oil tank. This system follows the operating principle as in the example below.