Generators, when used, must be operated properly, meeting all technical requirements. The person in charge of operating the generator must also meet the following requirements:

  • Must be of working age, regulated by the state.
  • Must be physically fit and have a health certificate by a competent health authority.
  • Must be professionally trained, trained in labor protection, and need to enclose the corresponding certificates if any.
  • Must understand the operating procedures and technical procedures of electrical safety. Operation log must be fully recorded and handed over to the following shift in accordance with regulations.


Minh Thanh is a unit with many years of experience in supplying, installing and operating electric generators. We have training programs on generator operation, ensuring that the trainees will enjoy the following benefits:

– To be professionally trained on labor safety and in generator operation.

– Properly and adequately use personal protective equipment (PPE) allocated according to the regime, especially the insulating equipment when working.

– Know well the process of operating the generator and how to handle simple situations arising during operation.

The general occupational safety training program is designed for managers, employees who have strict requirements on occupational safety and employees as prescribed in Decree 44/2016 ND-CP dated May 15th 2016.