Banks possess a large number of advanced computers and other equipment, can only be operated in a demanding room. Room environment has a strict requirement on temperature, humidity, cleanliness, noise, static electricity, electromagnetic interference.


Requirements and challenges

1. Working conditions

Stable power 24 hours continuously at rated power (10% overload in 1 hour allowed every 12 hours), under the following conditions. Altitude 1,000 meters or less.

The lower limit temperature of -15 ° C, maximum limit of 40 ° C.

2. Reduce noise and clean emissions

The power supply must be super low to ensure the safety of the data system; Employees in the banks can also enjoy an undisturbed work environment.

Clean emissions can ensure the cleanliness of the computer room and keep computer systems and data systems secure.

3. The necessary protective equipment

The machine can automatically check the starting battery voltage and give an alarm. The machine will automatically stop and give the relevant signals in the following cases: high water temperature, low water temperature, low water level, overload, start failure. The machine will stop in the following cases: speeding, short circuit, lack of phase, over-voltage, voltage loss, low frequency. The machine will alarm in the following cases: low oil pressure, high water temperature, low water level, overload, failure start, over speed, short circuit, lack of phase, over-voltage, loss of voltage, Low frequency, low voltage to start battery, low oil level and relay connection in an alarm system.

For automatic start generator with AMF function, ATS helps to realize automatic start and stop automatically. When the main error, the generator can start within 5 seconds (adjustable). The generator can start automatically up to three times. The conversion from the main road to the transmitter load is completed in 10 seconds and reaches the rated power in less than 12 seconds. When the power is restored, the generators will automatically stop within 300 seconds (adjustable) after the cooler is equipped with UPS.

4. With brushless PMG generator, the machine has strong anti-interference ability

Strong performance and resistance to short circuits (typically 3 times the rated current in 10 seconds)

Stable performance and high reliability

The average failure time is not less than 2,000 hours. The range of voltage adjustment at 0% load is between 95% -105% of the rated voltage. When the load is below 50% of the rated load, no low-frequency increase of 1.5 times the rated current overload at rated voltage for 2 minutes is allowed. The control system has a remote control function, which can monitor, collect, process, record and report relevant data from a local or remote location.

5. Power solution

High-quality generator, with AMF function, which ensures uninterrupted power supply in banks. With the help of ATS, the electrical load can be immediately switched to the transmitter load when the main error. Generators can run reliably and quietly, with clean emissions complying with relevant European and US emission standards. The machine can be connected to a computer with an RS232 OR RS485 / 422 connector for remote control.



– All products and turnkey solutions help customers easily use the machine without much technical knowledge. The machine is easy to use and maintain.

– Control system with AMF function, can automatically start or stop the machine. In an emergency, the device will alert and stop.

– ATS for option. For small KVA, ATS is indispensable.

– Low noise. Noise level of small KVA (30kva below) is below 60dB (A) @ 7m.

– Stable performance. The average failure period is not less than 2000 hours.

– Compact size. Optional equipment is provided for special requirements in order to operate stably in some freezing areas and to heat hot areas.

– For bulk orders, custom designs and developments are provided.