Perkins Gas

Power range: 300KW – 1000KW

Since its inception in 1932, the UK Perkins Engine Co., Ltd. has become the world’s leading supplier of diesel and natural gas engines. Perkins gas engines include the 4006, 4008 and 4016 series. Among them, the 4006 and 4008 series include some of the 6 and 8 cylinder ignition engines, and the 4016 is a 16 cylinder product. In the 4016 series, 4016-61TRS is the most powerful alternative gas engine available from Perkins, delivering outstanding performance and being able to meet increasingly stringent emissions requirements.

Perkins gas engine has the following features:

1. Specially designed to use a variety of methane fuels.

2. With core technology research and development capability, such as unique cylinder head with large valves, combined with deep bowl plunger to help increase vortex flow, and to ensure excellent power output. for weight ratio and mechanical efficiency.

Adopting many of the same parts with a favourable diesel engine model to reduce service life cost, inventory and extend the service life of the parts.


Mã máyCông suất KWmã động cơĐầu phát
AGP383N3064006-23TRS1LSA 46.2 VL12
AGP468N3744006-23TRS2LSA 47.2 M7
AGP531N4254008-30TRS1LSA 47.2 M7
AGP625N5004008-30TRS2LSA 49.1 S4A
AGP1094N8754016-61TRS1LSA 49.1 L11
AGP125N10004016-61TRS2LSA 50.2 M6


1. Warranty

Minh Thanh’s generators are provided with a 24-month or 1,000-hour warranty according to genuine global standards, including:
– Cummins generator will be warranted by Cummins DKSH Company – genuine representative in Vietnam.
– Perkins generators will be warranted by Phu Thai Industrial Co., Ltd. – genuine representative in Vietnam.


2. Check periodically in warranty

– First time: 3 months after acceptance, handover and instructions for use.
– Second time: 6 months after the first time.
– Last time: 24 months after handover.
– Replace oil filter, oil filter free once as soon as the warranty expires.
– Before handing over warranty, the generator will be checked in detail for whole, clean and change oil filter, oil filter for free.


3. Sign a maintenance contract and replace genuine parts permanently after warranty.


4. All replacement compliments are certified genuine.


5. Troubleshooting 24/7/365 days within 2 hours in the inner city and 24h for suburban or remote areas.