Durable – Good soundproofing


Soundproofing room of the generator helps reduce the noise level when the generator operates, limiting the impact on the work of people in workplaces, offices or places with many people passing by. Compared to the soundproof enclosure, the soundproof room uses a larger area, more complex structure. A soundproof room can accommodate many generators with large and small capacity. The ordinary generator soundproof room has the following structure:

  • First build walls with solid bricks, stones, cement, etc. to withstand all weather.
  • The middle layer is an aluminium frame, combining vibration-absorbing black foam materials, XPS sound absorbers, soundproof mineral wool or using two layers of glass wool to squeeze together.
  • Finally, add a plaster frame of plasterboard to the frame.
  • For windows and doors: Usually use 2-layer glass (in the middle there is a vacuum layer to soundproof).



Structural soundproof walls – ceiling



  • Soundproofed room will be spacious, convenient for quick repair and maintenance.
  • The cool space creates good heat dissipation for the generator.


  • Because of the large area, it is recommended to use a lot of materials, high cost, accompanied by large labour costs.

In addition, there is an easier and more economical way that can bring about soundproofing effect, sound absorption from 90-95% is to use sound absorption materials together to form many layers, sound. will be eliminated gradually through each layer.

In tall buildings, hotels, generators are usually located in basements and densely populated areas. For normal engine room sound insulation, use Rock wool density of 50 – 80 kg / m3, thickness ≥ 100mm, combine glass cloth with sound absorption and thermal insulation for outstanding sound insulation features.

Soundproofing of walls and ceilings: Made of corrugated iron, glass cloth, linked frames by 14 x 14 square boxes, hanging bars, iron ticket. Using Rock wool sound insulation layers of density 50-80 kg / m3, thickness ≥ 100mm.

Soundproof doors: Made with corrugated iron holes, glass cloth, linked frames by 14 x 14 square boxes, hanging company, iron ticket …. Using Rock wool soundproof layer, density 80 kg / m3, thickness ≥ 100mm.

Sound absorption inlet: frame with zinc-shaped corrugated iron, corrugated iron and double-sided glass cloth, using 50mm thick wool wool

Sound absorption wind out the frame with zinc-shaped corrugated iron, corrugated iron and double-sided glass cloth, using 50mm thick wool wool

Inlet / outlet base frame (V50 x 50), 2 coats of anti-rust paint, 1 layer color paint.

With small generating sets, diesel fuel tanks are usually designed in the iron frame of the machine and ensure the machine runs at 100% load from 5-12 hours. But for large-sized industrial generating sets, there is usually no diesel tank attached because the size of these units is large, the design of diesel tank under the iron frame will increase the size and weight. of the unit, it is difficult to move them.

Depending on the capacity and oil consumption of the machine we calculate the oil tank capacity for the machine. Normally there will be 2 oil supply systems as follows.

  • The oil supply system has only one oil tank: For this system, we only need to connect the oil pipelines, the valve collapses and oil gauge. The engine automatically feeds oil to the machine without using the pump system.
  • Oil supply system with 2 or more oil tanks: At this time we need an automatic pumping system to supply oil from the reserve oil tank to the daily oil tank. This system follows the operating principle as in the example below.

The soundproofing room exhaust system is designed to withstand the high temperatures emitted by generators, with the air filter reducing the toxic gas before releasing it to the outside. The smoke system should be carefully calculated before designing to ensure the acceptable pressure drop of the chimney.

The general structure of smoke exhaust system:

– The chimneys are made of standard thickness steel, heat-resistant paints, flanges, asbestos seals and connecting bolts.

– The chimney is covered with rockwool insulation and the outer layer is aesthetic stainless steel.

The exhaust system also reduces the noise generated by the soundproofing room by using a layer of glass wool insulation, in addition, the soundproof pipe also has the effect of insulation and vibration to reduce the noise level of the pipe. ensure a standard exhaust system that not only sucks, draws enough force but also makes no noise.

The ventilation system is an important part of any generator soundproof room. Therefore, installing an effective ventilation system is something that many investors should consider before building a soundproof room for generators.

Installing effective ventilation system will help generator room space to be airy, clean and improve the efficiency of generators.

Devices of cooling ventilation systems include industrial fans and steam-cooled machines. Depending on the installation space and specific needs of customers, Minh Thanh will advise – install the most suitable product lines.