Coal mines & oil fields

Reduce operating costs through efficient CHP system and distributed generation technology


For coal mines producing large amounts of coal gas, Minh Thanh Power CHP units can not only provide electrical energy for energy needs, but also provide heat energy for home heating needs. sewage treatment machine. Minh Thanh Power CHP units can provide:

– Converting toxic gases into energy;

– Avoid the cost of transporting diesel;

– Independent website generation;

– Overall efficiency is as high as 90%, generation efficiency is as high as 40%;

– Running stable when there is a change in composition and impurities;

– Output can meet standard gas unit;

– Avoid releasing methane into the atmosphere, 21 times the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide;

– Stable running under ambient temperature -50oC;

– Small footprint;

– Quick installation and commissioning.


Characteristics and advantages:

1. Overall efficiency:

  • 80% -90%, generating efficiency 40%
  • The produced heat energy can be used to build heating, drinking water and domestic water heating.

2. Use waste and clean the environment

  • Coal gas produced from coal mines and oil fields can be processed to meet the demand for generating generators, greatly reducing the cost of producing diesel electricity.

3. Installation is quick and easy

  • Total integrated solution, no need to install engine room, small footprint, quick installation.

4. Proven quality and reliability

  • Our proven spare parts will guarantee 50,000 hours of smooth operation of your CHP units. All applied parts are of high quality, and are proven reliably through strict. They are designed to run continuously for up to 5,000 hours.

5. Easy to operate and maintain

  • Our CHP units adopt anthropomorphized modular design, with high safety and easy maintenance.

6. Processed gas

  • After dehydration, decontamination, associated gas from coal mines and oil fields can be used as an efficient and clean fuel.

7. The development of refrigeration, heat and electricity

  • In addition to providing energy, CHP units, when combined with chillers absorb heat sources, can realize the development of refrigeration, heat and electricity to meet the needs of water heating, heating. warm and cool.