Modern farm

Main applications of Minh Thanh Power CHP in modern farms:

Breeding farm, Reed pipe generator, Greenhouse, Biogas generator.


Characteristics and advantages:

1. Overall efficiency: 80% -90%, generating efficiency 40%

  • The produced heat energy can be used to build heating, drinking water and domestic water heating.

2. Use the scattered energy layer

  • Use different high temperature, medium-temperature and low temperature to ensure high efficiency of the CHP system. High-temperature energy can be converted into electrical energy; Medium temperature energy can be used to cool and heat steam; while low-temperature energy can be used for heating and dehumidifying water.

3. Free resources, turn garbage into treasure in one place

  • The gases used to generate electricity are mainly from animal manure, crop residues and straws. End users can turn waste into treasure in one place without losing transmission. Meanwhile, it can also reduce the stench, help clean the environment and reduce the incidence of animals and humans.

4. Transmission of cold, heat and electricity

  • In addition to providing energy, CHP units, when combined with chillers absorb heat sources, can realize the development of refrigeration, heat and electricity to meet the needs of water heating, heating. warm and cool.

5. Installation is quick and easy

  • Total integrated solution, no need to install engine room, small footprint, quick installation.

6. Proven quality and reliability

  • Our proven spare parts will guarantee 50,000 hours of smooth operation of your CHP units. All applied parts are of high quality, and are proven reliably through strict. They are designed to run continuously for up to 5,000 hours

7. Easy to operate and maintain

  • Our CHP units adopt anthropomorphized modular design, with high safety and easy maintenance.

8. Low transmission loss

  • To provide local thermal, refrigeration and electrical power to reduce transmission and distribution losses (6-7%).

9. Scope of environmental adaptation:

  • -50 ℃ to 50 ℃

10. Sold heat energy and electrical power

  • Thermal and electrical energy produced can be sold and received for payment.
  • Air conditioner: 1-1.6 km
  • 1 MPa steam: 12 km
  • Heating and domestic hot water: 4-5 km (about 60 ℃)

11. Supplying fertilizer and improving resources

  • Increasing sources of organic fertilizers, improving the quality and efficiency of fertilizers to improve crop yields and soil quality.
  • Agricultural ecological protection
  • Reducing disturbed trees and shovels to protect vegetation and help develop a good agricultural production system.

12. Island mode is running

  • Reliable power supply
  • Independent power supply
  • Power supply to remote areas

13. Low environmental impact

  • The amount of sulfur dioxide and solid waste of Minh Thanh Power CHP is almost zero; The emission of nitrogen oxides decreases by 80%; Floor area and water consumption can also be reduced by more than 60%.
  • Noise generated during operation can be substantially reduced through combined noise reduction measures.