ATS Cabinet

About ATS cabinets

ATS cabinet is an automatic power conversion system when the mains power fails through the ATS cabinet, the generator sets will automatically start and energize the load. When the utility power is restored, the system will automatically switch back on and the generator sets will automatically shut down. In addition, ATS cabinets are also capable of protecting generators sets …


Functional operation of ATS cabinets
  • Automatically send the start signal to the generator sets when: the grid is completely lost, the grid loses phase, the grid has a voltage lower than the allowed value. Time to switch to the generator sets source is 5 – 30 seconds.
  • When the grid recovers, the ATS unit immediately transfers the load to the mains. The generator sets automatically shuts off after cooling down for 1 -2 minutes.
  • ATS cabinets are either self-propelled or man-operated
  • Adjust the switching time.


The criteria for choosing ATS cabinets
  • In accordance with the machine capacity
  • Suitable for the tropical environment, coastal salt air and islands
  • Ensure the requirements for control features


Assembly and installation
  • ATS cabinets are simple in structure, not too large in size, so they are easy to move and install.
  • There are indicator lights when operating


In addition to providing main products that are genuine generators sets, Minh Thanh also provides ATS automatic switchboards suitable for generators and diverse capacity.



Osung OAT Auto Transfer Switch

Mã tủ ATSCông suất
(dựa trên 400V 50HZ)
Công tắc điệnBảng điều khiểnLoại
YAT40P≤20KWSKX2 40/4PHAT260Loại tường 700mm*450*350
YAT6320KWSKX2 63/4PHAT260Loại tường 700mm*450*350
YAT8032KWSKX2 80/4PHAT260Loại tường 700mm*450*350
YAT10040KWSKX2 100/4PHAT260Loại tường 700mm*450*350
YAT12550KWSKX2 125/4PHAT260Loại tường 700mm*450*350
YAT16062KWSKX2 160/4PHAT260Loại tường 700mm*450*350
YAT25080KWSKX2 250/4PHAT260Loại đứng 650mm*500*1300
YAT400125KWSKX2 400/4PHAT260Loại đứng 650mm*500*1300
YAT630290KWSKX2 630/4PHAT260Loại đứng 650mm*500*1300
YAT800315KWSKX2 800/4PHAT260Loại đứng 800mm*800*1700
YAT1000400KWSKX2 1000/4PHAT260Loại đứng 800mm*800*1700
YAT1250500KWSKX2 1250/4PHAT260Loại đứng 800mm*800*1700
YAT1600625KWSKX2 1600/4PHAT600Loại đứng 800mm*800*1700
YAT2000800KWSKX2 2000/4PHAT600Loại đứng 800mm*800*1800
YAT25001000KWSKX2 2500/4PHAT600Loại đứng 800mm*800*1800

Socomec SAT Auto Transfer Switch

Mã tủ ATSCông suất
(dựa trên 400V 50HZ)
Công tắc điệnBảng điều khiểnLoại
YAT40P≤20KWATyS M6s 40/4pHAT260Loại tường 700mm*450*350
YAT6320KWATyS M6s 63/4pHAT260Loại tường 700mm*450*350
YAT8032KWATyS M6s 80/4pHAT260Loại tường 700mm*450*350
YAT10040KWATyS M6s 100/4pHAT260Loại tường 700mm*450*350
YAT12550KWATyS M6s 125/4pHAT260Loại tường 700mm*450*350
YAT16062KWATyS M6s 160/4pHAT260Loại tường 700mm*450*350
YAT25080KWATyS 3s 250/4pHAT260Loại đứng 650mm*500*1300
YAT400125KWATyS 3s 400/4pHAT260Loại đứng 650mm*500*1300
YAT630290KWATyS 3s 630/4pHAT260Loại đứng 650mm*500*1300
YAT800315KWATyS 3s 800/4pHAT260Loại đứng 800mm*800*1700
YAT1000400KWATyS 3s 1000/4pHAT260Loại đứng 800mm*800*1700
YAT1250500KWATyS 3s 1250/4pHAT260Loại đứng 800mm*800*1700
YAT1600625KWATyS 3s 1600/4pHAT600Loại đứng 800mm*800*1700
YAT1800800KWATyS 3s 1800/4pHAT600Loại đứng 800mm*800*1700
YAT2000900KWATyS 3E 2000/4pHAT600Loại đứng 1000mm*1000*1800
YAT25001000KWATyS 3E 2500/4pHAT600Loại đứng 1000mm*1000*1800
YAT32001250KWATyS 3E 3200/4pHAT600Loại đứng 1000mm*1000*1800