Synchronous cabinets


Introducing synchronous cabinets

Synchronizing cabinets of generators perform the work to put the generators or other independent working sources into parallel operation. This is a high-tech solution that aims to improve the reliability of power supply and optimize fuel economy.

The biggest application of synchronous cabinets is that in the event of a mains power failure, the backup generators will automatically start, synchronize and share themselves with each other, in addition the system also has the function Automatic load monitoring and control for running the number of transmitters according to the needs of the load.


The characteristics of synchronous cabinets

– Ability to draw up to 36 generating sets with different capacity.
– Ability to mix generating sets using different types of engines and using different generators.
– Extremely fast synchronization speed.
– Ability to manage by computer via direct connection, modem connection, or Internet connection (free updated software).
– Ability to program flexibly without using PLC.
– Ability to operate sustainably, stably, and withstanding extremely harsh environments in the petroleum industry or in the ocean.


Mechanism of operation

– There are 3 modes of operation off, auto, man to ensure flexibility in operation, inspection and maintenance.
– Clear display of operating status and situation of incidents by LCD and LED.
– PIN protects the cabinet from being accessed by unauthorized persons.
– Real-time fault diagnosis function.
– Capable of connecting with most common speed controllers and regulators.
– Integrating both monitoring and warning functions with LCD alarm lines, flashing LEDs, and audible alarms to monitor virtually all source and transmitter specifications.
– Remote control and monitoring using RS 232 / RS485 interface, 810 interface or other modem and MS-Windows ™ software.
– Recording the latest warnings helps the operator easily identify the cause of the problem to fix.



Table synchronization


Máy phát điệnCông suất ngắt mạchBảng đồng bộ hóaCầu dao Trung Quốc, 3 cựcBộ ngắt mạch MOLLER, 3 cựcCầu dao schneider, 3 cựcBộ ngắt mạch ABB, 3 cựcKích thước thanh cái cho bộ ngắt mạch: mmKích thước thanh cái bằng đồng cho 2 đơn vị: mmKích thước tủ (DxRxC)
P≤125KW250ADSE 8610XKM1-250S/R250LZMB2-A250NSX250F-250DT3N250TMD R250 FF25*34x40800x800x1700
125KW≤P≤200KW400ADSE 8610XKM1-400SLZMC3-A400NSX400F-400AT5N400TMA TMA R400 FF40*36x50800x800x1700
200KW≤P≤318KW630ADSE 8610XKM1-630SLZMN3-AE630NSX630F-630AT6N630 TMA R630 FF50*46x80800x800x1700
318KW≤P≤400KW800ADSE 8610XKM1-800SNZMN4-AE800NS800N-800AT6N800 TMA R800 FF 3P60*610x80800x800x1800
400KW≤P≤500KW1000ADSE 8610XKM1-1000SNZMN4-AE1000NS1000N-1000A 2.0T7S1000M PR231/P-LSI R1000 FF60*810x100800x800x1800
500KW≤P≤630KW1250ADSE 8610XKW1-1600/1250IZM91B3-V12CFNS1250N-1250A 2.0T7S1250M PR231/P-LSI R1250 FF60*1010x120800x800x1800
630KW≤P≤800KW1600ADSE 8610XKW1-1600/1600IZM91B3-V16CFNS1600N-1600AT7S1600M PR231/P-LSI R1600 FF80*102(10x100)800x800x1800
800KW≤P≤1000KW2000ADSE 8610XKW1-2000/2000IZM97B3-A20CFMT20N-2000A 2.0ESB2000 R2000 PR121/P-LI2*(80*6)2(10x120)1000x1000x2200
1000KW≤P≤1250KW2500ADSE 8610XKW1-3200/2500IZM97B3-A25CFMT25N-2500A 2.0E3N2500 R2500 PR121/P-LI2(80*8)2(10x150)1000x1000x2200
1250KW≤P≤1600KW3200ADSE 8610XKW1-3200/3200IZM97B3-A32CFMT32N-3200A 2.0E3N3200 R3200 PR121/P-LI2(100*10)3(10x150)1000x1000x2200