1. Design consultancy in selection of generator capacity 

In the process of selecting and installing electric generators, it is extremely important to choose generator with the right capacity to suit the actual use needs. Choosing the right generator capacity will help businesses optimize costs as well as ensure the safety and longevity of the generator when operating. This selection requires consultation of technical staff, engineers, experts with high competence and high experience in the industry. With a team of experienced engineers, Minh Thanh will help customers:

  • Choose the power and generator equipment that best suits your needs
  • Consult solutions for installing and operate equipment effectively with the best cost.


  1. Design and construction consultancy of soundproof system for generator


The generator is a diesel engine so its noise is very loud. When using in civil and industrial projects, it is compulsory to handle noise reduction to the permitted level as prescribed by the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment. Therefore, soundproofing of engine room is an important item of the works using generators.

Minh Thanh has invested in research and continuously improved the soundproofing construction technique for the generator right from the beginning. We have consulted, designed and constructed soundproofing for specialized works such as: Hotels, office buildings, schools, clinics, hospitals, resorts. Currently, we can meet the noise requirements according to the technical standards of most projects in Vietnam.

Depending on the requirements of the project, customers will choose to use Soundproof Case or Soundproof Room and must always ensure 5 technical standards:

– Ensure that noise levels are met by an independent third party authorized.

– Ensure the optimal airflow in the engine room for the machine to operate at its full capacity.

– Ensure a reasonable space for operation and maintenance.

– Ensure absolute safety when operate and achieve high aesthetics.

– Ensure the lowest investment costs.


Currently, we have successfully developed a container shaped soundproof shell that is convenient for transportation, able to withstand shaking and vibration, also have sustainable operation in any type of climatic environment.


  1. Design and construction consultancy of ventilation systems, and fuel supplying system

In parallel with the soundproofing system, we provide – install fuel supply system, spare oil tank, exhaust system, hot air exhaust and heat insulation system. We have tools to check and calculate exhaust pressure drop (độ sụt áp khí thải), air inlet area, chimney diameter to ensure efficient and long-lasting operation of the system.