Generators are mainly applied to telecommunication stations in the telecommunication industry. Typically, 800KW generator sets are needed for provincial stations and 300KW to 400KW generator sets are needed for city stations, as backup power. For town or county station, 120KW or less, usually the main capacity.

Requirements and challenges

1. Automatic function

Auto start and auto-download

  • After receiving the start instruction, the machine will automatically start, with a success rate of 99%. A starting circle contains three starting attempts. The interval between two test starts is 10 to 15 seconds.
  • After a successful start, when the oil pressure reaches the set value, the machine will automatically load. Loading time is usually 10 seconds.
  • After three failed failures, the machine will issue a warning report and issue a starting instruction to another backup generator, if any.


When the stop command is received, the machine will automatically stop. There are two types: normal stop and emergency stop. The normal stop is the power stop (and then the air switch or the ATS to the main switch). The emergency stop is to cut off the power supply and fuel immediately.

Automatic protection

The machines have protection against low oil pressure, over-voltage, over speed, overload, short circuit and lack of phase. For water-cooled machines, there is also high water temperature protection and high cylinder temperature protection for air-cooled machines.

2. Remote control

The machine provides a remote control system, tracking parameters and operating status in real-time. When an unusual problem or serious error occurs, the device will alert. Standard communication protocols can be provided.

3. Parallel operation

It can be realized by automatically switching ATS between main and transmitter or between two transmitters. Additionally, two or more identical model transmitters can be paralleled to ensure greater capacity. The steady-state speed adjustment rate is from 2% to 5%. The specified steady-state voltage is within 5%.

4. Altitude 3000 meters or less. Temperature limit below -15oC, the limit above 40oC


Power solution

The excellent generator, with the digital control module and ATS, ensures instant power supply while power is lost.



  • All products and turnkey solutions help customers easily use the machine without much technical knowledge. The machine is easy to use and maintain.
  • Control system has AMF function, can automatically start or stop the machine. In an emergency, the device will alert and stop.
  • ATS for option. For small KVA, ATS is indispensable.
  • Low noise. Noise level of small KVA (30kva below) is below 60dB (A) @ 7m.
  • Stable performance. The average failure period is not less than 2000 hours.
  • Compact size. Optional equipment is provided for special requirements in order to operate stably in some freezing areas and to heat hot areas.
  • For bulk orders, custom designs and developments are provided.