Soundproof shell

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The sound proofing cover of the generator helps reduce the noise level when the generator operates, limiting the impact on the work of people in workplaces, offices or places with many people passing by. Compared with sound proofing room, the soundproof cover has a smaller area, simple structure, easy to move and more cost-effective. Ordinary generator soundproof enclosures have the following structure:

– The outer shell is made of steel material, with electrostatic paint, about 2mm thick.

– The next layer is rock wool mineral wool soundproof materials, foam … pressed close together, the outer panel is a fire-proof, sound absorption, high quality vulcanized rubber to keep the soundproof and heat insulation layer.

– The innermost layer is clad with a perforated galvanized sheet.

– The soundproof casing is equipped with cool louvres into the machine and the hot air outlet to ensure reasonable air inlet and outlet, protecting the machine from heat when long-term operation.

– Soundproof shells with types of 1 door, 2 doors depending on the size and the doors are locked.

– Most soundproof covers have 01 glass window to easily view the control panel from the outside.

– On the roof of the shell is equipped with 01 overhead cranes to help transport the machine easily.

– The soundproof enclosure is equipped with 01 emergency stop button designed to be installed outside.

– In addition, the soundproof enclosure also has a muffler system, primary and secondary mufflers are placed inside to help reduce noise better.


Ensuring to meet noise standards issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment:

    • Noise level is 75db at a distance of 7m.
    • Noise level 75db at 1m distance.
    • Noise level is 70db at a distance of 7m.
    • Noise level 70db at 1m distance.

Minh Thanh accepted to order soundproof shells according to specific model or construction as required.

Indoor soundproof enclosures:

The indoor soundproof enclosure fully meets the technical standards for the noise level of the generator soundproof enclosure.

Indoor soundproof enclosures often have smaller size characteristics than outdoor soundproof covers.


Features indoor soundproof enclosure

– Can be easily moved via hook above the roof of soundproof cover.

– Smart design, ensure inlet and outlet airflow to meet engine running requirements.

– Soundproofing materials have a high noise level, ensuring reducing the noise level at a low click.

– The whole shell is powder-coated, durable, long-term use.


Soundproof cover (generator) outdoors works to cover generator and sound absorption when the machine is operating. Compared to indoor soundproof enclosures, outdoor soundproof enclosures are usually larger in size and better in the material.

Commonly used outdoor soundproof enclosures are usually 20ft container containers (used for transmitters of up to 1000KVA), or 40ft (used for transmitters of up to 2000KVA).

General criteria for containers of soundproofing containers made according to international standards:
– Designing airflow to ensure the demand for running the machine.

– Sound insulation materials are durable, ensuring noise reduction at a minimum.

– The whole casing is powder coated, making sure it can withstand rain and shine.

– Equipping the fresh air inlets into the machine and the outlet of hot air properly to ensure the machine does not get hot during long-term operation.

– The muffler system is located inside the soundproof enclosure.

– Noise level: 75 dB (A) @ 7m at 100% load, the noise level meets international standards and ensures operation in a residential environment. (ensure compliance with the provisions of Vietnam’s environmental law).